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 Francesco Cocco starts his film education at the Irish Film Academy in Dublin, then he attends the Metropolis c.e. film school based in Madrid. He writes, directs and produces his first short films in Ireland right before moving to Madrid where he continues working as a film director, scriptwriter and acting for films teacher. His last short films have been granted with more than a hundred selections and awards in important festivals worldwide, including the pre-selection for the prestigious David Di Donatello award, granted by the Italian Film Academy for his last short film “Soap and Water”. It has also been selected in some of the most important Spanish film festivals (Goya Award Qualifying Film Festivals) and screened on the LA Shorts Fest platform (an Oscar and Bafta qualifying festival). He is currently involved in the preparation of different feature film projects and television series between Italy and Spain. One of these feature film projects currently in pre-production is "The night shift" (a co-production between Spain, Italy and Mexico) which has been selected in the Madrid Film Pitchbox and rated with a score of 9/10 by Film Market Hub . He´s a teacher in a film school based in Madrid (Estudio V) where he provides acting for film classes to both aspiring and experienced actors. He is also involved in several theatre projects.
Acting for film course
Next projects
SOAP AND WATER Alicia puts make-up on her face after yet another special night. The intimacy of her world is broken by the doorbell ringing. On the other side of the door there's Ida, her mother, with some flowers as a birthday gift and her face strained by the gravity of what she's about to confess.
LADYBUG An important call is the trigger for Vicente to face an unresolved issue. A very intimate story about parent-son relationship, described in an authentic, sweet, visually expressive style and with a touch of humor.​
Review from Cleveland Film Festival
IT RAINS Paula, forced by an exceptional event, decides to reveal a secret that she kept hidden all her life.
PURPLE A guy and a girl in a waiting room minutes before a job interview. Who will get the job?
SEXO TOTAL LA URDIMBRE Y LA TRAMA Is it possible to find a poetic form to accept ourselves and celebrate life, highlighting that there are more ways to perceive our body? Yes. it's possible.
AVERNUS: la mirada del diablo A web series of mistery and horror. Where audiovisual meets theatre. Theatre company Teatro de Ánimas leaves the stage to jump into this web series project, presented as a theatrical experience in an audiovisual format and co-directed by Christian Märtens and Francesco Cocco. Year 1899. A residence right outside a rural village, Burgo de Osma. Seven guests. One victim.
Other works
Theater filming: • Adela. Teatro Fernán Gómez (Madrid, 2013). • La isla del tesoro. Teatro Campos Elíseos (Bilbao, 2013) • Viejos (Madrid, 2013). • El flautista de Hamelín. Teatro Arlequín (Madrid, 2013). • Siempre nos quedará el Guadiana. Teatro la Antigua Mina y Sala Nudo (Madrid, 2012). • Tríptico o la desolación de Rafael (Madrid, 2011).
Video-clips: • The strange case of the local jerk. Dirección (Italia, 2011). • Blind girls rules de city. Dirección (Italia, 2011).
Corporate: • Barramundi. Dirección (España, 2013). • Videona. Dirección (España, 2016).